Shine a Light on
Your Idle Assets

What is SIGMA Recovery?

SIGMA Recovery was born out of necessity. The necessity of our clients who needed an asset management program. We understand the full lifecycle of all equipment, whether in use, phasing out, or those pieces that are idle. We help our customers get the most out of their equipment, no matter what stage it is in.

SIGMA Recovery combines cloud-based software, centralized equipment storage, and a suite of support services to maximize the return on the value of an idle asset at every stage of the equipment life cycle. We help you eliminate costs and uncover the hidden value of your idle equipment.






Our Approach

SIGMA Recovery gives companies higher returns by focusing on redeploying idle equipment to other facilities or selling equipment on the open market before utilizing lower-yield recovery methods. This approach helps you realize the full potential of your asset recovery department. Through our “4 R’s” of Recovery – Redeploy, Recondition, Resell, and Recycle, we are able to assess your assets and provide you with the best solution for you and your needs. Once you have selected an option, our team will walk you through the steps to completion and provide continuous follow-up. Our team integrates with you and your company as much or as little as you need. We help manage your equipment so you don’t have to and are always available to answer questions or provide solutions to your problems.


Our software connects your employees with the equipment they need in your own inventory, helping you avoid the cost of purchasing new equipment.


Our 10,000 square foot on-site shop can repair and retool a piece before it ships, minimizing production downtime after you receive the equipment.


When you decide to sell a piece, placing it for sale is as easy as changing its status in the software. We use our industry expertise to sell the equipment quickly and easily.


Companies often overlook the value in their spare parts and components, or in parts that can be removed from a unit before it is scrapped. We help you reclaim that value.

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