Get to Know SIGMA Recovery

Serving the Manufacturing Industry Since 2003

For more than 20 years, SIGMA Recovery and its SIGMA Group counterparts have been supporting the packaging and processing industries. We have worked with hundreds of industrial and manufacturing projects to bring the most out of their asset management. SIGMA Recovery has and will continue to be dedicated to providing solutions to your company’s idle assets, no matter where they are in the lifecycle.

We service virtually every industry including:


  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutritional
  • Plastics
  • Tool & Die, Machine Shops
  • Food Service & Restaurants
  • Fabrication
  • Warehouse
  • Material Handling
  • Power Equipment
  • Trucking & Rigging

The SIGMA Group

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The SIGMA Group: Running a successful operation is easy when you’re equipped with the right resources. SIGMA Group is made up of six different divisions, each providing its own suite of services and expertise. This collaboration between offerings creates a full circle of services and benefits. SIGMA Group is here to provide you with all the tools your production needs in order to run smoothly.

SIGMA Equipment

Machinery Purchases & Sales: In addition to asset management, we also provide equipment sales from our location. Our SIGMA Equipment storage facility allows us to warehouse and market machinery from any size project. Looking for a particular piece of equipment or machinery? If we don’t have it readily available, we will find it for you at the most reasonable price possible. Just fill out a Wanted form and our sales team will respond immediately to assist you.

SIGMA Surplus

MRO and Spare Parts Purchasing: SIGMA Surplus makes it easy to buy and sell spare equipment parts and will help you minimize production lag when you are in need of a replacement part. With a wide selection of pieces and overnight shipping, Surplus will have your production line back up and running in no time. For help with your appraisal needs please contact us by phone or simply tell us about your project.

SIGMA Auction

Auctions: SIGMA Auction uses a network of thousands of industry experts to connect your equipment with interested buyers. We have 15 years of experience in sales and auctions and have extensive knowledge of the resale value of used equipment. To begin your auction process, please contact us by phone or simply tell us about your project.

SIGMA Appraisal

Appraisals: SIGMA Appraisals provides accurate and timely appraisals and valuations to ensure you receive maximum return for your equipment. Our dedicated appraisal team uses standard methodologies and practices to ensure you get an accurate valuation. With our data-driven approach, we use the latest technology possible. We also offer desktop appraisals and onsite appraisals.

C & I Electronics

Recycling: C & I Electronics is a certified electronics recycling facility that offers a secure and efficient way to dispose of devices. C & I Electronics can provide your business a turnkey electronic recycling program and the comfort of knowing it was performed in accordance with industry best standards. To learn more about our recycling programs, check out the services page.

SIGMA Integration


SIGMA Integration specializes in designing, installing and integrating these turnkey lines. And with our extensive in-house inventory of both new and pre-owned equipment, we eliminate lengthy lead times and financial constraints associated with ordering directly from an OEM.

The Integration team customizes each line to meet the client’s production metrics and desired throughput to unlock their production potential.