Global Access

SIGMA’s Global Locations

São Paulo, Brazil

Known for its successful financial center, São Paulo is a thriving city located in the Southeast Region of Brazil. This location gives SIGMA the opportunity to represent South America and Latin America and offer technical support and industry expertise on a global scale.

Las Vegas, USA

Being a hub for large conferences, Las Vegas is a vital city for the equipment and machinery industries. This location broadens SIGMA’s products, resources, and services all across the country as well as expands our accessibility to the west coast.


Due to its location, Germany is a major player when it comes to European logistics. Our locations in both Aldingen and Esslingen help us better serve our wide client base. Through these locations, customers will have global knowledge of premiere used equipment.

Pöchlarn, Austria

Located in the district of Melk in Lower Austria, Pöchlarn is a historic European town. Pöchlarn’s close proximity to the Danube River makes it very accessible and an asset for transporting goods. SIGMA Recovery is proud of our trusted partnership with the facility located here.

Our company, while headquartered in Evansville, IN, has not just limited itself to conducting business locally. Throughout the past 17 years of working in the packaging and processing industry, we have built partnerships and created collaborations globally. SIGMA Recovery’s mission has always been to put our customers first and find innovative solutions for their problems. One of the best ways to do that is by offering various locations throughout the country as well as internationally. We have found that with each new location we have expanded to, comes new benefits and opportunities for our company and customers. No matter where you are located are or what your equipment need is, a trusted SIGMA affiliate is nearby to help.

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