Reconditioning Equipment to its Former Glory

How It Works

SIGMA will first transport your equipment from its current location to our 10,000 square foot retooling and reconditioning site. After the piece is received, our shop technicians can then begin extensively reviewing the equipment and providing our state-of-the-art cleaning service to ensure it’s ready to be inspected.

Now that the equipment is properly prepared, it’s ready to be evaluated by our Engineering Services team. After the piece’s mechanics and internal systems are inspected and a diagnostic test has been completed, a scope of needed work will be ready for you to look over. Upon your approval, we will begin repairing and restoring the equipment to its original condition.

Lastly, we will send you confirmation that the piece is restored and in working order. After you give the final sign off on the equipment, it will be redeployed and SIGMA will invoice you for the reconditioning project.

How We Bring Value

Through our reconditioning program, the stress and hassle of repairing and restoring your equipment will be eliminated. In addition to this simplistic process, you’ll receive a fully-functional piece of machinery that is immediately ready for redeployment.

SIGMA Recovery’s reconditioning program will save you both time and money. We provide value and the cost avoidance of bringing in or buying a new piece of machinery. The SIGMA team is always thinking ahead, that’s why we have also fully documented the equipment should you wish to sell the piece at a later date.

Interested in learning more about reconditioning your equipment?

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