Recycle Your Equipment for a Return

How It Works

SIGMA Recovery works to provide you with as many options as possible to recycle and retain the value of your equipment. SIGMA Recovery offers two ways to recycle your spare equipment:

An option to sell your spare mechanical and electrical components through our SIGMA Surplus program.
Scrapping services to help take the stress out of recycling your equipment and gaining you any additional value possible.

Below is how SIGMA Recovery helps you not only recycle your equipment sustainably but also remove equipment that is no longer viable.

Selling Your Surplus

SIGMA Recovery has partnered with SIGMA Surplus to help you sell your spare parts and components.

Once your equipment arrives at our facility, we will review it and remove any components that are valuable before scrapping your equipment. We then clean up the parts and confirm they are all accurately running and remove any proprietary information. We then list the parts for sale and utilize our expansive database and customer base to help get your parts sold.

There are no associated costs to our clients and SIGMA Recovery pays a percentage of the recycled value.

Selling for Scrap

For that equipment that is not viable for any of our other options, we offer our customers scrapping services. We will receive your equipment and prepare it for scrap services. Once we recycle the equipment, we update your software so you get an updated status on your equipment. There are no associated costs to our clients and SIGMA Recovery pays a percentage of the recycled value.

How We Bring Value

SIGMA offers a valuable return to our SIGMA Recovery Clients at the end of the equipment’s life cycle. Each month our team will provide detail inventory and recycle reports along with payment for any recycling made the previous month.

This ensures that you are notified of the status and value of your equipment.

After a redeployment request has been approved, the equipment will be ready to ship within 48 hours.

Interested in learning more about recycling options?

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