Resell Your Equipment to Fund Your Next Project

How It Works

SIGMA Recovery will help you resell your idle assets for a reasonable price to help you fund your next project, or just free up space. Setting up a piece of equipment for sale is as easy as updating or changing the equipment’s status in our software.

Once your interest in reselling your piece of equipment is confirmed, we then begin to discuss your selling options: Direct Sales or Auctions. We will give you our recommendation based on the appraisal of the equipment and our industry knowledge, but you have the flexibility of making the final decision.

Direct Sales

For Direct Sales, we begin to put the wheels in motion to get as much exposure as possible. The resources we offer include:

Marketing the piece in our weekly flyers or creating additional content for exposure
Utilizing our website and SEO expertise to show your equipment to those actively searching
Sending our expert sales team to match interested buyers with your equipment.


For Auctions, we discuss lot bidding pricing options and then compile your equipment to get it ready for an auction date. We then market it to our vast customer base. After the auction is held, any equipment that was sold will be handled by our logistics team to be distributed to buyers. Once the sale is finalized, you will receive payment for your idle equipment.

Once your equipment is sold, we handle the logistics and send you prompt payment. We take the hassle out of selling your equipment and let you focus on your next project.

How We Bring Value

Reselling your equipment brings you value for a multitude of reasons. As mentioned, not only do we free up space in your facility, and provide direct cash for your next project, but we also provide a detailed inventory and sales reports along with payment for any sales made the previous month.

This allows you to stay up-to-date with your equipment and keep up with which payments are pending and what has been received. You can also go back and review the previous invoices for any historical purposes. Taking the stress of managing a resale as well as managing invoicing on top of your regular role. SIGMA Recovery stores all of your information for you so you can reference it when needed.

Interested in learning more about our selling options and how we can assist?

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