From Engineering to Recycling, SIGMA Recovery Services Fulfill Your Needs.

SIGMA Recovery is a fully self-sustaining operation that can handle all of your equipment needs. From helping you sell your equipment, to helping it be reconditioned and set for redeployment, and even logistics and warehousing. We have everything you need to get the most return for your unused equipment. Below are some of our highlighted services:

On-Site Engineering Services

SIGMA Recovery and their partner, SIGMA Equipment, boast an impressive 10,000 square foot engineering shop to assist with all of your technical service needs. Our shop includes approximately 60 power stations that can handle up to 100 amps of power, which lets us work with larger machinery and allows us to work on multiple projects. We also offer 575 voltage which allows us to work with international requirements.

Our shop offers customized set-to-size for your redeployment needs, cycle testing to confirm your idle equipment is in working order and document any necessary fixes. To see our full suite of Engineering Services, click here:

Sales Expertise

If it’s one thing our team knows, it’s equipment. With over 300 customers serviced daily, SIGMA Recovery knows how you get your equipment in front of the right people for the right price.

With over 60,000 active customers, SIGMA Recovery markets your equipment based on who the most interested buyers are. Our targeted marketing approaches combine the latest in digital strategies to allow your equipment maximum exposure and higher chances of a successful sale.

We also provide targeted auction services of fast liquidation.

Enhanced Recycling

Our parts division, SIGMA Surplus, offers enhanced component recovery and recycling. We cost-effectively remove all electrical and mechanical parts from your recycled machines.

We then photograph and list the parts for sale, giving you immediate value for components that are often discarded. This helps extend the value of your otherwise unused equipment. To protect your interests, we remove and delete all proprietary programming before any components are shipped from our facility.

No matter what your solution is for your assets, SIGMA Recovery has an offering that fits your needs and the status of your ideal equipment.

The Four R’s of SIGMA Recovery

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