Software with You in Mind

One of the major benefits that set SIGMA Recovery apart from other asset management firms is our proprietary cloud-based software. We have created a customized solution for our customer’s needs. We utilize the latest in inventory strategies, data analysis, and documentation of your equipment, as well as the statuses of said equipment.

Below are a few highlights of our software:

Inventory Management

Inventory software that gives your employees full visibility of your idle and surplus equipment.

We built an online inventory management system designed to track the location and value of your surplus equipment. This allows your employees at different locations to view what pieces are in storage, and request equipment they need at their location. If a piece of equipment is no longer needed by your organization, you can list it for sale with one click.

Real-Time Analytics

Analyze your inventory at a glance with SIGMA Recovery’s dashboard. Generate and export reports detailing current value, historical success, and other data points.

With our standardized dashboards, you can get accurate reporting on:

  • Pieces of equipment you have as well as the status of each piece
  • Value your idle assets have
  • Assets we have recovered
  • Revenue generated

Inventory Documentation

Each unit in your inventory is fully documented during the intake process at SIGMA. We provide engineering measurements, detailed photography and video, and location tracking for each asset. When employees find equipment with the correct specifications for their needs, they can request redeployment directly from the equipment page.

Inventory Status

View all pending, approved and declined requests on a single page. This is where your team is all kept on the same page in regards to your equipment and you are able to approve, or decline requests as they come in. Your team will be notified when a new request comes in so you can stay on top of any and all requests.

After a redeployment request has been approved, the equipment will be ready to ship within 48 hours.

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