Affordable and Centralized Storage for Your Idle Equipment


Affordable and Centralized Storage for Your Idle Equipment

Safe and Secure Storage

Keeping your equipment in a safe and controlled storage environment is a crucial part of retaining value for your idle assets. These are often not considered when making a decision on where to store your equipment, but often during the removal of equipment from a production line, equipment gets placed in an under supervised location that leaves your equipment open to not only theft but the elements.

As the equipment ages, it loses value and quickly can be rusted and undeployable, just when you need it most. That’s where SIGMA Recovery’s climate-controlled storage facility is at your disposal. Below are the highlights of our storage capabilities:

Value Enhancement

Our intake process sends equipment to our 5,000 square foot wash bay, where we clean the equipment using pressure washers, steam, compressed air, and CO2 blast. Fine detailing techniques are used for delicate units.

Once the equipment has been properly washed and cleaned up. We begin the documentation process. We take detailed photos, comprehensive video, and engineering measurements before preparing the equipment for storage. This is helpful for all of our asset recovery options and the details are stored in our software system for your reference.


Custom Skidding

Our experienced warehouse staff builds a custom skid for each piece of equipment. By extending the edge of the skid slightly beyond the edges of the unit and securing the piece with straps, we protect the equipment from storage damage.

Our custom skidding not only protects from storage but also allows us to easily redeploy equipment to your facility should you need it at a moment’s notice. If you decide that another sales tactic works better for you and your company, we can continue to use this skidding, saving time and generating more return for you.


Secure Warehousing

When securing your items, you want nothing but the best for your equipment. You want something secure and monitored, but you don’t want to break the bank storing your idle equipment. SIGMA Recovery has the answer.

All of SIGMA Recovery’s warehouses are protected 24/7 by security systems equipped with video surveillance, monitored and controlled by our management team. Our clean facilities are well-lit with motion-activated lighting systems that allow our team to easily manage and locate equipment when needed.

SIGMA Recovery also institutes a bar-coded inventory tracking ensures accurate storage. This coding system enables us to prepare equipment for redeployment within 24 hours of approval of the request.


To see our process at work, check out the video below:

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