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SIGMA Recovery resolves industry efficiencies with a cascading approach to the Investment Recovery Association’s recommended recovery methods. We centralize, simplify, and optimize your asset recovery efforts through what SIGMA Recovery call’s the “4 R’s”: Redeployment, Reconditioning, Resale, and Recycling.

Our SIGMA Recovery Package combines cloud-based software, secure storage, and sales expertise to maximize the return on the value of an idle asset at every stage of its life cycle.

SIGMA Recovery’s Asset Management can do a lot for you, but where we really shine are providing you with reasonable options for you to uncover the hidden value of your idle equipment.

For SIGMA Recovery, those options boil down to the “4 R’s”:

  • Redploy
  • Recondition
  • Resale
  • Recycle

Each choice is based on your equipment and your needs and can be tailored for you and your company. To learn more about each of the 4 Rs, scroll below:

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Reconditioning your equipment helps retain its value by updating or enhancing your equipment to prepare it for sale or redeployment.

We take your equipment that may be in disrepair or damaged and we place it through our warehouse and engineering services teams processes. Our team will not only clean the equipment but also provide cycle testing to find issues with the equipment and properly repair it for further use or sale.

All of our steps are documented and the equipment is then placed in our application for you to review and keep tabs on. This allows you to regain value on your equipment that would be inoperable previously and provide options for next steps.

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Redeployment is the top way to retain the value of your equipment. Utilizing our cloud-based software, you can see what idle assets are available and the details of the equipment itself such as the age of the asset, when it was placed in storage, etc.

Once you have found the idle asset you are looking for, redeployment begins. All you have to do is contact our team with the equipment you are looking to redeploy and a few other pieces of information and we begin the process of shipping your equipment – all within 24 hours.

You can then track the status of the equipment in your application and upon receiving your equipment, the application is again updated, ensuring all involved know the status and location of the equipment.

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Recycling not only helps you squeeze the last bit of value of your equipment, but it also allows you to be sustainable and environmentally conscious. Through taking care of your equipment no matter where it is in the equipment lifecycle, you can help clean up your boneyard or warehouse while still gathering potential value and profits.

SIGMA Recovery offers two ways to recycle your equipment: Selling your equipment for parts and scrapping your equipment.

Selling your equipment for surplus is easy with SIGMA Surplus. SIGMA Surplus offers competitive pricing for your surplus parts and the process could not be easier. All you have to do is send us your equipment and we will remove all of your electrical and mechanical parts. We then will clean and document them and list them for sale after completely clearing them of any proprietary information before being sent out for purchase.

The final option for equipment recovery is to sell your equipment for scrap metal. Our team will perform the necessary process and you get the benefit of being a sustainable company. We help keep your equipment out of landfills and enhance your social responsibility.

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Resale is a great way to continue to gather potential value for your equipment. If you know that your equipment will not be reused by your facility, reselling your idle assets is a solid option for you.

You will get to eliminate your holding costs and free up capital to buy new technology or equipment when your idle assets are no longer needed.

Our team offers two ways to sell your equipment – direct sale and auctions.

For those who are looking to sell directly to buyers, our sales team has decades of combined experience in packaging and processing equipment as well as marketing that can help get your equipment sold quickly.

For those interested in selling at auction, we utilize our dedicated SIGMA Auctions team to help get as much exposure for your equipment as possible. Our auctions team is full of dedicated auctioneers and appraisers to help ensure your lots are accurately and competitively priced.

No matter your option, once the equipment is sold, your application is updated and our team handles all logistics required to get your equipment to the new buyer and you receive your profits quickly and efficiently.

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